The prayer room is called the engine room of the Church. Jesus encouraged us to pray and be persistent in prayer (Luke 11:1 13) as He Himself spent long hours in prayer and the early church continued His tradition by making sure that they were able to pray (Acts 6:3-4).
Jesus said that My sheep know my voice and so His sheep learn the sound of Jesus’s voice by spending time with Him through prayer.
Our Church wants to encourage all believers to pray because they believe that it is in prayer that a person develops a vital relationship with Him. It is only by remaining in Jesus that we can do anything. (John 15:1-11)
Corporate prayer is just as important for it is through prayer that a church discerns Gods plan and purpose and remains open to the leading and blessing of The Holy Spirit


Times to Pray

Every Wednesday at 12.00 noon. Come and join us to seek The Lord for His plan and blessing
Every Sunday at 9.30 am before the service


Service time:    10 am Sunday

303-305 Mary Street

Thames, 3500

07 868 6274

After hours contact:

Pastor Chris Lee 027 228 8928

Foodbank opening hours

Monday to Thursday 9am - 11.30am

Bring ID and proof of address


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